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photo of  "floc" - aggregated clay particles

I always admire whoever found the number and idea of ‘zero’. We all can imagine the world of zero - absolute nothingness, but the idea of being “absolutely zero” is actually impossible to exist in the physical world. Before the earth and probably the universe that we are within came to exist, there has always been something - elementary particles and forces. Then how did such things come to exist? Could absolute nothingness really give a birth to something-ness? Since I strongly believe that we humans cannot create something from completely nothing - unless you are a god or something - I would like to call myself an artist-ish to somehow show respect to the Grand Artist.


The world is rich with beautiful “artworks”; it is almost like the earth is a massive gallery. Even in the metropolis there is moss that grows in a crack of asphaltic road or a tiny plant sprouts in between bricks on the wall. However, our life seems more hectic than ever both physically and mentally, we do not seem to have time to stop and observe such artworks in nature. (Text taken from 'Scape')


My practice and interest are focused on the aspect of overlooking. I stand by the thought that even if many people fail to notice the truth, it is still there. My work highlights the fact that there is always a creator to each existing thing and a reason behind it. I try to replicate the same standpoint in my work.

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