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15 x 10 x 20cm


Back in 2008, when I was doing my first year at university, I suddenly became very ill and I did not know what was going on to me that time. Later the year, I have been diagnosed as having panic disorder caused by emetophobia which was an extremely fear of vomiting and anything related to being sick. I had to take 3 years off from university to receive medical treatment for it. Gradually I got better enough to come back to the course and started to make art again in 2011 and some of the artworks that I made in 2012 were strongly connected to my fear and illness, as that time I felt art was the best therapy for me to let my struggles and emotions out so that I could think straight. This 'Nausea' was made only to overcome my fear of throwing-up; a casting technician helped me make this live-cast "vomiting mask" with seaweed-based alginate, covered my entire face and stuffed in my mouth with it while I was making the vomit face. Although I do not really remember why I pushed and tortured myself that much anymore, somehow my fear has become weaker and weaker since. 

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